Protege 2.0 Music Stand with Bag


With the same solid-metal tripod as the bigger Portastand music stands, the Protege 2.0 is paired with a foldable desk that’s brand-new to the lineup, the Protégé 2.0 is Portastand's lightest and most portable music stand yet. Where others bend, break, and fall apart, it folds. Featuring the new Superior Pro Clutch tripod design and rugged carry bag, the Protégé 2.0 clocks in at just over 4 pounds of powder-coated metal, and can even accommodate accessories enabling it to hold 4-5 sheets of music. Collapsing down to just 22.5 inches, it’s backpack-friendly and ready to roll.

Manufacturer: Portastand
Protege 2.0 Music Stand with Bag
Price: $23.98

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