nanoKEY2 Slimline USB MIDI Keyboard

SKU:  ae00-39899
Manufacturer Part #:  KORNANOKEY2WH

The nanoKEY2 features an advanced and up-to-date design. By combining the great-feeling “touch” that Korg has developed for its professional MIDI keyboards and the low-profile “thinness” of recent computer keyboard innovations, the nanoKEY2 provides a superior keyboard response for its class and size. It's designed with ample key width and plenty of space between the keys, reducing the chances of hitting a wrong note. The touch and velocity response have been carefully tuned, as only a manufacturer with Korg's track record and know-how can, ensuring that your expressive performance will be conveyed accurately to your software.

Manufacturer: Korg

nanoKEY2 Slimline USB MIDI Keyboard

SKU:  ae00-39899^KORNANOKEY2WH
Manufacturer Part #:  KORNANOKEY2WH
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Price: $59.99

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